The Battle of the Nile

'Twas on the forenoon, the first day of August,
One thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight,
We had a long pursuit after the Toulon fleet;
And soon we let them know that we came for to fight.
We tried their skill, it was sore against their will,
They knew not what to think of our fleet for a while,
But, before the fray began, we resolved to a man,
For to conquer or to die at the mouth of the Nile.
When our guns began to play, with many a loud huzza,
Resolving to conquer, or die, to a man,
And when our sails were bending, Old England was depending,
Waiting our return from the Mediterranean.
Our bull dogs they did roar, and into them did pour,
With rattling broadsides made brave Nelson to smile,
Gallant Nelson gave command, altho' he'd but one hand,
British sailors jumped for joy at the mouth of the Nile.
Night drawing on, we formed a plan
To set fire to one hundred and twenty guns,
We selected them with skill, and into them did drill,
We secured all our shipping, and laughed at the fun.
About ten o'clock at night, it was a broiling fight,
Which caused us to muzzle our bull dogs for a while,
The L'Orient blew up, and round went the cup,
To the glorious memorandum at the mouth of the Nile.
Kind Providence protected each minute of the night,
It's more than tongue can tell, or yet a pen can write,
For 'mongst the jolly tars, brave Nelson got a scar,
But Providence protected him thro' that cruel fight.
The French may repine, we took nine sail of the line,
Burnt and sunk all but two, which escaped for a while,
Brave Nelson gave command, altho' he'd but one hand,
British sailors fought like lions at the mouth of the Nile.
But now the battle's o'er, and Toulon's fleet's no more,
Great news we shall send unto George our King,
All the Kingdoms in Europe shall join us in chorus,
The bells they shall ring, and bonfires they shall blaze,
Rule Britannia shall be sung, through country and town,
While sailors, hand in hand, round the can do sing,
Bonaparte got the pledge of Europe for his wage,
And he'll ne'er forget bold Nelson at the mouth of the Nile.